EDL asks Syria for more electricity. Ministry of Finance increases yearly transfer budget

Electricité du Liban (EDL) has requested Syria to raise the ceiling of electricity exports to Lebanon to 276 megawatts (MW), according to Zakaria Rammal, Transmission Advisor at the Ministry of Energy and Water. The current ceiling is set at 180 MW.

The request comes on the eve of renewing the yearly contract for importing electricity from Syria.

Before the Syrian war, the local transmission network would occasionally receive over 100 MW of power.

The new contract was approved by the Ministry of Energy and Water. The Ministry of Finance is preparing the required funds.

Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil said that the ministry has prepared provisions for a higher budget should Syria be able to provide this much power.

Electricity is exported from Syria through a high voltage (400 Kilovolt) substation in Ksara and a medium voltage 66 KV substation in Deir Nbouh.

The cost of importing electricity ranges between 14 and 15 cents per kilowatt.