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Financial Institutions

May 21, 2020  Banks feeling shunned offer own financial plan
May 20, 2020  Banks say that they do not need a bailout
May 18, 2020  Sale of Bank Audi Egypt to UAE Bank put on hold
May 14, 2020  Banks Association replaces debt restructuring advisor
May 14, 2020  Talks with IMF started and will continue in coming days
May 13, 2020  InfoPro citizen poll shows no confidence in gov’t plan
May 12, 2020  Gov’t new banks plan is the work of amateurs
May 05, 2020  Private sector and others criticize Govt recovery plan
May 04, 2020  Lebanon Opportunities updates alternative plan
May 01, 2020  Finally finalized: Government recovery plan
Apr 29, 2020  Remittances up: $7.5 billion in 2019
Apr 29, 2020  Salameh sees no need to haircut bank deposits
Apr 27, 2020  Central Bank mandates dollar conversion at LL3,200
Apr 25, 2020  Loan repayment suspended for six months by Parliament
Apr 24, 2020  Double your dollars program launched by Bank Audi
Apr 24, 2020  Money changers go on strike against rise in exchange rate
Apr 24, 2020  Three firms hired to audit Central Bank
Apr 23, 2020  Lebanon Opportunities warns against any kind of haircut
Apr 22, 2020  Central Bank clarifies zero-interest loan scheme
Apr 21, 2020  Foreign currency withdrawals will be made in lira
Apr 16, 2020  Billion dollar lawsuit settled by BankMed
Apr 16, 2020  Foreign wires via non-banks at market-rate liras
Apr 15, 2020  Borrowing interest rates reduced in all currencies
Apr 14, 2020  Haircut to the haircut: Government plan rejected
Apr 14, 2020  Losses at Central Bank amortized as future earnings