Haircut to the haircut: Government plan rejected
IMF assistance is a must says government reform plan
Dollar peg to be kept in the foreseeable future
Foreign currency reserves $22 billion at-hand
Fitch: reserves sufficient for external debt payments
24 percent increase in food prices since October
GDP drops by 3.6 percent during first semester of 2019
Bank Audi sees crisis exit conditional on will to reform
Economic Revival Plan unveiled in its 2020 edition
Draft of policy statement aims to reduce interest rates
Recession first started in 2018
Salameh: Capital control to ease starting from June
Automatic exchange of bank data with Switzerland
No aid before reforms says Paris aid conference
Private sector campaign calls for tax disobedience
Central Bank to provide dollars for commodity imports
Airport fees increase on business, first class travel
Tax declarations to be used as basis for obtaining loans
McKinsey study made public GDP targeted at $80 billion