Remittances forecast amounts to $6.9 billion
Electronic money transfers to be paid in dollar
Remittances up: $7.5 billion in 2019
Central Bank to undergo auditing
Government economic plan still needs two more months
IMF calls again for speedy comprehensive reform plan
Economic Revival Plan unveiled in its 2020 edition
Salameh suspects conspiracy to subvert financial system
Central Bank buys $2 billion in Treasury bills
Bank deposits drop despite interest rate hike
$1 billion extra expected soon by the Central Bank
Central Bank’s reserves up $1.4 billion in two weeks
FFA teams up with IFC to launch $100 million fund
Moody's downgrades Lebanon sovereign rating
Inbound E-money transfers must be paid in lira only
Finance minister walks back on debt restructuring report
McKinsey study made public GDP targeted at $80 billion
11 Lebanese banks sued for knowingly aiding Hezbollah