Revival 2021 plan launched by InfoPro
Over 70 blasted retailers back to business
$4 billion in subsidies wasted on the non-poor
Incentives to repatriate funds transferred abroad
Foreign currency corporate loans can't be repaid in Lira
Repairing of shop facades by Chamber of Commerce
80 percent surge in prices since the start of the year
Talks with IMF started and will continue in coming days
Private sector and others criticize Govt recovery plan
Loan repayment suspended for six months by Parliament
IMF assistance is a must says government reform plan
Government outlines four-pillar recovery plan
GDP will contract by 12 percent in 2020
IMF calls again for speedy comprehensive reform plan
Dollar peg to be kept in the foreseeable future
Oxygen Fund for imports of industrial raw materials
Will bondholders negotiate or litigate?
Foreign currency reserves $22 billion at-hand
Annual inflation drops in 2019 despite lira decline
Orderly default sought by government
Fitch: reserves sufficient for external debt payments
More downgrades by S&P and Moody’s
Government forms economic taskforces
GDP drops by 3.6 percent during first semester of 2019
Foreign creditors start discussion group
Most food prices are up except when down abroad
Forex counters set LL2,000 ceiling on dollar purchases
Industrialists seek nod for fund transfers for imports
Online money transfers allowed between banks
Lower interest on banking loans
Dollar hits LL2,500 at exchange counters
Salameh: Capital control to ease starting from June