160,000 jobs lost Businesses: 10 percent closed
2017 GDP growth slows to 0.6 percent
Investment in human capital on par with world average
$330 million approved infrastructure loans
Human development up and gender gap down
Inflation shoots to 7.6 percent
Beirut Municipality spends $182 million in 60 projects
Needs of refugee crisis get 45 percent funding
Sustainable development goals: seven achieved!
$400 million job project from the World Bank
Net economic loss due to Syrian crisis: $9.8 billion
GDP rises 1.7 pct in 2016 Financial services up 18 pct
Remittance inflows rise to $8 billion
$11.8 billion promised at the Paris CEDRE conference
Government plans $700 million bond issue
Cèdre (Paris IV) donor conference set for April 6
Inflation up 4.5 percent