Offshore company law to allow single shareholders
McKinsey economic plan to be submitted
IDAL increases financial incentives to exporters
$53 million for 58 tech upstarts
Tech startups grow three-folds
$22 billion in projects were covered in 2017
BDL considering launching digital currency
First budget in 12 years passed by Parliament
ICT market grows to $436 million
Parliament ratifies the tax law for the second time
Business Support Unit for Start-Ups By IDAL
President Aoun signs salary scale and tax laws
Salary scale ratified by Parliament
Accelerator to launch in Saida
Innovation center to launch in Amchit
Investment in digital startups soars eightfold
Export subsidy program renewed
Diaspora targeting apps, linking emigrants with home
Scale-up program to launch at UKLTH
Lebanon Seed Fund launched by Flat6labs
Health coverage law for retired NSSF subscribers

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