High oil prices to boost GDP but widen deficits
Land Registry gets World Bank loan
Government plans $700 million bond issue
Budget sent to Parliament with a $4.8 billion deficit
Circular published by BDL on new stimulus package
Public entities to cut spending by 20 percent
Inflation up 4.5 percent
$22 billion in projects were covered in 2017
$1.7 billion swap between Treasury and Central Bank
Fiscal deficit narrows by 53 percent in first semester
Remittances to rise according to World Bank
Subsidized housing loans cap upped to $800,000
€80 million BDL-subsidized energy loans at zero interest
Subsidized housing loans rise with interest rate drop
Spread narrows between lira and dollar lending rates
President Aoun signs salary scale and tax laws
Balance of payments deficit in first six months
Moody’s: tax hikes, budget are credit positive
Proposed budget has $4.8 billion deficit
Cabinet approves budget and sends it to Parliament
New taxes and fees: Tobacco, alcohol affected
Fiscal deficit up to near $5 billion
Banks to generate $1.2 billion in taxes
Public debt: $75 billion!
Economy to grow at four percent rate
Imports up, exports stable
Housing Bank lowers its rates

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