Banks shocked and awed by capital increase demand
Bank Audi to manage electronic trading platform
$200 million ready for renewable energy
New banks fees on cash withdrawals
Hisham Itani, investors buy stake in Crédit National
11 Lebanese banks sued for knowingly aiding Hezbollah
Bank of Beirut buys Luxembourg bank
Bank Audi offers $200 million for green energy projects
Solidere shares soar and readjust
$1.7 billion subscribed in investment funds
Bank Audi is not merging with Bankmed
Banks OK’d to trade in financial instruments
Fidus to morph into a specialized or private bank
Berytech Fund invests in Capital Banking Solutions
$2 billion in Eurobonds for sale by the Central Bank
Lebanese-Australian buys five pct of Bank of Beirut
European Bank buys 2.5 percent of Bank Audi
Fransabank to lend $150 million for energy
European Bank, IFC will invest $100 million
Central Bank assets rise 16 percent