Food and medicine factories resume production
Oxygen Fund for imports of industrial raw materials
GDP drops by 3.6 percent during first semester of 2019
Industrialists seek nod for fund transfers for imports
The banks’ pulling of credit could lead to food shortages
$300 million for road, energy and industrial projects
Increase in ceiling for industry subsidized loans
Industrial raw materials exempted from Customs hike
$200 million ready for renewable energy
New tariffs on imported products
Expenditure of $17 billion expected in 2019 draft budget
Private sector investment ongoing despite doomsayers
Smart ESA to launch fintech and B2B accelerator
Fintech hub to launch at Beirut Digital District
Cabinet gives local goods preferred treatment in bids
FFA teams up with IFC to launch $100 million fund
Real exports grew five percent to $2.3 billion
Moody's downgrades Lebanon sovereign rating
Calls to establish funds for reconstruction, digital tech
Inbound E-money transfers must be paid in lira only
Finance minister walks back on debt restructuring report
McKinsey study made public GDP targeted at $80 billion
11 Lebanese banks sued for knowingly aiding Hezbollah