The World Bank issues warning on risk profile
Cutthroat competition for bank deposits in lira
Government plans $700 million bond issue
Public entities to cut spending by 20 percent
Inflation up 4.5 percent
McKinsey to help set economic vision
Central Bank assets rise 16 percent
$1.7 billion swap between Treasury and Central Bank
Fiscal deficit narrows by 53 percent in first semester
Central Bank will extend stimulus package
Parliament ratifies the tax law for the second time
Remittances to rise according to World Bank
Tax law revoked by Constitutional Council
Spread narrows between lira and dollar lending rates
President Aoun signs salary scale and tax laws
Balance of payments deficit in first six months
Illicit financial flows top $32 billion in ten years
GDP growth to accelerate to 2.5 percent this year
Proposed budget has $4.8 billion deficit
Cabinet approves budget and sends it to Parliament
$1 billion offer to avert tax hike rejected
New taxes and fees: Tobacco, alcohol affected
Fiscal deficit up to near $5 billion
Banks to generate $1.2 billion in taxes
Public debt: $75 billion!

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