Home loan subsidies will resume next year
FNB subsidizes housing loans
McKinsey economic plan to be submitted
Banks to subsidize pre-approved housing loans
UPDATED - $1 billion subsidized by Central Bank
$22 billion in projects were covered in 2017
Subsidized housing loans extended to place of origin
Property demand is up total supply of units is down
Additional $500 million in subsidized loans for 2017
Car loans are smaller in size and number
Subsidized housing loans cap upped to $800,000
80 million BDL-subsidized energy loans at zero interest
Subsidized housing loans rise with interest rate drop
Spread narrows between lira and dollar lending rates
Property recorded sales: Numbers up, value down
Solidere to delist its GDRs from London Stock Exchange
GDP growth to accelerate to 2.5 percent this year
Total reserves represent 90 percent of lira
Riad Salameh: Lira is safe with me
Housing Bank lowers its rates
Lucid Investments gains banking license

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