$2 billion Eurobond issue underway
$1 billion extra expected soon by the Central Bank
Plan for $7.3 billion in treasury bonds at one percent
External bank transfers and forex pricing resume
Up to $3 billion in new Eurobonds
The market is demanding lira signaling start of turnaround
Moody's downgrades Lebanon sovereign rating
Eurobonds recover after clarifications on debt
Lira to dollar peg not being reconsidered
Finance minister walks back on debt restructuring report
Newly issued public debt yields to market conditions
The World Bank issues warning on risk profile
Banks’ capital adequacy continues to rise
T-bill subscriptions reach $18 billion
Banks OK’d to trade in financial instruments
$2 billion in Eurobonds for sale by the Central Bank
Banks to subsidize pre-approved housing loans
Fiscal deficit drops 24 percent
Budget sent to Parliament with a $4.8 billion deficit
Net public debt rises six percent to $70 billion
Public entities to cut spending by 20 percent
Central Bank assets rise 16 percent