Banks shocked and awed by capital increase demand
Eurobond prices improve as Cabinet approves draft budget
Inbound E-money transfers must be paid in lira only
T-bills highly oversubscribed
Newly issued public debt yields to market conditions
The World Bank issues warning on risk profile
Banks’ capital adequacy continues to rise
T-bill subscriptions reach $18 billion
$2 billion in Eurobonds for sale by the Central Bank
Banks to subsidize pre-approved housing loans
Fiscal deficit drops 24 percent
Budget sent to Parliament with a $4.8 billion deficit
Subsidized housing loans funded from 2019 budget
Net public debt rises six percent to $70 billion
Circular published by BDL on new stimulus package
UPDATED - $1 billion subsidized by Central Bank
Public entities to cut spending by 20 percent
Banks required to submit strategic plans
McKinsey to help set economic vision
Banks barred from insurance
Central Bank assets rise 16 percent