2020 draft budget is ready for debate
State of Economic Emergency declared by political parties
Government to implement CEDRE pledges and projects
Newly issued public debt yields to market conditions
The World Bank issues warning on risk profile
$330 million approved infrastructure loans
$66.3 million interest subsidy for housing loans
Housing Bank resumes mortgage loan subsidies
T-bill subscriptions reach $18 billion
Balance of payments deficit at $208 million in first half
Home loan subsidies will resume next year
High oil prices to boost GDP but widen deficits
$2 billion in Eurobonds for sale by the Central Bank
Banks to subsidize pre-approved housing loans
Customs charges, fees cut on hybrid and electrical cars
Parliament hastily votes for 2018 budget
Fiscal deficit drops 24 percent
Government plans $700 million bond issue
Budget sent to Parliament with a $4.8 billion deficit
Net public debt rises six percent to $70 billion
Foreign currency reserves back at over $43 billion
New flat fee imposed on businesses, the self-employed
Inflation up 4.5 percent