$2 billion Eurobond issue underway
State of Economic Emergency declared by political parties
Passing the 2019 budget: a good first step, World Bank
Moody's downgrades Lebanon sovereign rating
McKinsey study made public GDP targeted at $80 billion
UPDATE: Lebanon’s outlook downgraded by Moody's
Three years of public funding are secure: Goldman Sachs
Newly issued public debt yields to market conditions
The World Bank issues warning on risk profile
T-bill subscriptions reach $18 billion
High oil prices to boost GDP but widen deficits
McKinsey economic plan to be submitted
$2 billion in Eurobonds for sale by the Central Bank
$11.8 billion promised at the Paris CEDRE conference
Parliament hastily votes for 2018 budget
Government plans $700 million bond issue
Budget sent to Parliament with a $4.8 billion deficit
Cèdre (Paris IV) donor conference set for April 6
Balance of payments records small deficit
Public entities to cut spending by 20 percent
McKinsey to help set economic vision