Balance of Payments deficit at $10.6 billion
IXSIR winery wins world’s best Rosé award
Port of Tripoli selected as terminal by CMA CGM
Incentives to repatriate funds transferred abroad
Foreign currency corporate loans can't be repaid in Lira
BDL company support not followed by most banks
Low-interest loans to industrial companies
Foreign currency access to food, raw material importers
Three-year development plan advocated by the government
CEDAR Premium gets $14.5 million through FFA
Food and medicine factories resume production
$100 million freed to import raw materials
GDP drops by 3.6 percent during first semester of 2019
Bank interest rates on deposits cut again
Exports and imports drop last year
Draft of policy statement aims to reduce interest rates
Industrialists seek nod for fund transfers for imports
Online money transfers allowed between banks
Lower interest on banking loans
Salameh: Capital control to ease starting from June