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Public Finance and Taxes

Feb 15, 2024  $34 million plan to restore fiscal management functions
May 17, 2023  Cash economy at $10 billion as per World Bank estimation
Jan 17, 2023  IMF identifies policy reforms to stop tax revenue drainage
Nov 24, 2022  World Bank report says bank sector too big to bail
Nov 23, 2022  Official exchange rate at LL15,000 from next February
Oct 12, 2022  First fiscal surplus ever to be published
Sep 28, 2022  Government backtracks on LL15,000 exchange rate
Sep 27, 2022  Parliament passes budget at fraction of pre-crisis levels
May 27, 2022  Gov’t recovery plan: Everyone opposes it
May 23, 2022  Last minute gov’t decision: Financial recovery and policy
Apr 08, 2022  $3 billion four year facility initial deal with IMF reached
Mar 18, 2022  Money in circulation dips for first time in two years
Mar 09, 2022  Gross public debt valued at $12 billion in real terms
Feb 10, 2022  Registered property deals hit highest level in a decade
Nov 04, 2021  Government recovery plans delayed by dispute with Gulf
Oct 04, 2021  Talks starting with IMF and holders of Eurobonds
Jun 10, 2021  IMF: No to Capital Controls without a broader reform plan
Jun 01, 2021  World Bank warns: Lebanon is sinking
Mar 10, 2021  Public debt increased to $96 billion last year
Feb 01, 2021  Strong GDP growth being forecasted by UN
Jan 28, 2021  Deposit tax proposed by Ministry of Finance
Jan 22, 2021  Revival 2021 plan launched by InfoPro
Jan 15, 2021  Invoices and VAT fees must be issued only in lira
Jan 11, 2021  The lira will be floated pending program with IMF
Jan 07, 2021  Foreign currency operations to be booked at market rate