Hosting Syrian refugees costs $1.5 billion per year
FX reserves up by over $1 billion
Currency in circulation dropped by 31 percent
UN projects GDP growth reaching 1.7 percent in 2024
Remittances are stable for third consecutive year
Lollar is closer to become useless
IMF: Govít lacks progress Minister of Finance agrees
$1.8 billion withdrawn so far under Circular 158
E-wallets allowed to carry up to $50K
$2.5 billion in profits earned on Sayrafa platform
Cash economy at $10 billion as per World Bank estimation
IMF: Economy has stabilized but reforms are too slow
$77 million industrial loans approved by Cedar Oxygen
Balance of payments deficit up 63 percent at $3.2 billion
GDP is growing again according to UN report
IMF identifies policy reforms to stop tax revenue drainage