March 18-24, 2017
Equal gender opportunities
in the job market says ILO
One third of women want to have a paid job and stay at home
Women have the same opportunities as men to find a good job, according to half the respondents of a survey published this month by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Around half –46 percent of female and 49 percent of male – believe that men and women with comparable qualifications enjoyed the same work opportunities. Around 34 percent of females and 33 percent of males said that women suffered worse opportunities, and 16 percent of both genders said that women have better opportunities than men.

One third of women prefer to
16 agreements signed with Egypt
Joint committee formed to address certificates of origin
Israel to annex disputed gas-filled maritime area
Energy Minister: We will not back down
Industrial production reported at $8.8 billion
Industrial indicators launched
$3 billion bonds issued to repay maturing debts
Oversubscribed six times
Ayman Hariri to sell his stake in BankMed
Closing the deal needs BDL's final approval
$1 billion offer to avert tax hike rejected
François Bassil denies proposal was made to the State
U.K. bans cabin laptops on flights out of Beirut
Follows similar U.S. measures
Three airlines to start flights to Beirut
Oman Air to stop operations this month
Telecommunication Engineer6-10 years
Senior Sales Executive6-10 years
Branch Manager6-10 years
Accounting Manager10+ years
Personal Assistant6-10 years
HR Manager6-10 years
Sales Person6-10 years
Executive Assistant / Secretary6-10 years
Sales Manager10+ years
Doctor6-10 years
Accounting Manager10+ years
Chief Accountant6-10 years
HR Manager6-10 years
Project Coordinator6-10 years
Mtayleb.425  m2.  4 Bedroom(s), 2 Salon(s), 1 Dining room(s), 1 Living room(s), 5 Bathroom(s), 1 Maid's Room(s). $850,000
Achrafieh.120  m2.  2 Bedroom(s), 1 Dining room(s), 1 Living room(s), 2 Bathroom(s), $280,000
Monteverde.220  m2.  3 Bedroom(s), 2 Salon(s), 1 Dining room(s), 1 Living room(s), 4 Bathroom(s), 1 Maid's Room(s). $670,000
Bhamdoun El Mhatta.250  m2.  4 Bedroom(s), 1 Salon(s), 1 Dining room(s), 1 Living room(s), 3 Bathroom(s), 1 Maid's Room(s). $250,000
Kornet Chehwan.440  m2.  3 Bedroom(s), 4 Bathroom(s), $700,000
Monteverde.540  m2.  4 Bedroom(s), 6 Bathroom(s), $1
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