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Riad Salameh

Oct 03, 2019  $450 million available for housing loans
Sep 23, 2019  There are enough dollars to meet market demand
Sep 20, 2019  Jammal Trust Bank’s liquidation approved
Aug 30, 2019  Central Bank’s reserves up $1.4 billion in two weeks
Aug 30, 2019  Deposits are secure at Jammal Trust Bank
Jul 24, 2019  Passing the 2019 budget: a good first step, World Bank
Jul 03, 2019  IMF: Projected deficit well above government target
Jun 28, 2019  Public debt is under control
Jun 25, 2019  Zero percent growth forecasted for this year
Jun 20, 2019  Bank Audi to manage electronic trading platform
May 06, 2019  External bank transfers and forex pricing resume
Feb 05, 2019  The market is demanding lira signaling start of turnaround
Jan 16, 2019  Inbound E-money transfers must be paid in lira only
Jan 04, 2019  11 Lebanese banks sued for knowingly aiding Hezbollah
Dec 05, 2018  Newly issued public debt yields to market conditions
Aug 06, 2018  Cutthroat competition for bank deposits in lira
Jul 27, 2018  High oil prices to boost GDP but widen deficits
May 09, 2018  $2 billion in Eurobonds for sale by the Central Bank
Mar 08, 2018  Private sector to tap $6 billion in public projects
Mar 06, 2018  Subsidized housing loans funded from 2019 budget
Feb 23, 2018  Foreign currency reserves back at over $43 billion
Nov 24, 2017  The Central Bank is buying dollars
Nov 06, 2017  Lira is secured by Central Bank capabilities
Oct 27, 2017  BDL considering launching digital currency
Oct 17, 2017  Central Bank will extend stimulus package

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