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Promomedia Pioneers
Synchronized Billboards in MENA
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Promomedia, the leading Out-of-Home advertising company across the Levant and Africa, is proud to announce that it was the first company to provide synchronized billboards in the entire MENA region. The company installed three consecutive billboards in the Lebanese regions of Ashrafieh – Burj Al Ghazal and five consecutive billboards in Dora that are 100% synchronized, giving drivers a real-time presentation.

Promomedia, which is part of JGroup, has also recorded a significant win by becoming the sole advertiser at Beirut International Airport. This victory is a testament to the company's reputation as a leading outdoor supplier in the MENA region, with a network of more than 7,500 faces including digital billboards, unipoles, rooftops, wall signs, bridges, lampposts and 4x3 backlits scattered throughout the capitals and main cities of Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt and Africa.

The company's notable progress is a result of the efforts and skills of its dedicated team of specialists, led by the ambition to offer brands the utmost exposure by providing the best outdoor solutions with the most advanced technologies and innovative ideas. The company's top-notch customer service and years of experience in the OOH industry have helped establish its reputation as a go-to provider for advertisers.

Imad Jomaa, Founder and President of JGroup, noted that "the company takes on the challenge of growing in a country that faces severe crises on different levels" and that "we, at JGroup, will never hesitate to invest and expand in Lebanon, the country in which the company was founded, the country we call home."

Promomedia is committed to becoming the leading company in OOH in the MENA region, and is focused on expanding its reach in Iraq, Jordan, UAE and Africa. The company's goal is to ensure that its platforms deliver the most accurate numbers and data, and has enlisted some of the most respected OOH Audience Measurement Specialists in order to fully realize the promise of programmatic buying.

Media buyers can now easily combine Promomedia's highly visited roadside, shopping mall, and transit inventory into their campaigns to extend audience reach across the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, they can run customized DOOH and omnichannel marketing for regional audiences, with triggers based on real-time weather and mobile location data.
Date Posted: Jan 31, 2023
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