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‘Business Solutions’ in Lebanon
Western Union and OMT sign agreement to facilitate cross-border payment
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August 10, 2011- Western Union and Online Money Transfer (OMT), its representative in Lebanon, signed a five-year agreement to offer a new group of payments services.

The new service, ‘Business Solutions’, allows people to transfer and receive money from companies, and vice versa. OMT said that with the new services, clients can make their payments through the phone, or online.

Previously, OMT’s payment services, through Western Union, were only made from people to people.

According to a statement released by Western Union, Dubai, Lebanon is the second country in the Middle East and Africa region to offer Western Union’s international business payments service.

The new range of services provides foreign exchange solutions, risk management consultation, online foreign exchange payments, and corporate account management services.

Jean Claude Farah, Western Union’s senior vice president for the Middle East and Africa said: “This agreement with OMT will help businesses to overcome any previous challenges they faced with their cross-border payment needs.”
The chairman of OMT, Toufic Mouawad, said that Western Union’s ‘Business Solutions’ platform will open the door for a number of growth opportunities for both organizations. He said that customers can now benefit from the new services via telephone or online.

OMT has a network of around 900 locations across the country.

Date Posted: Aug 10, 2011
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