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First digit of phone code
to be changed from (0) to (2)
Move is part of fiber optic

network deployment project

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The Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT) said it will gradually change the first digit of the fixed phone line code from (0) into (2).

The move is part of the fiber optic deployment project which involves transferring the lines of subscribers of the fiber optic network (FTTX) to the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) platform from the old telephone exchanges of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

OGERO will be transfering the lines of subscribers who will benefit from high-quality voice services while the old PSTN telephone exchanges will be gradually put out of service, said Minister of Telecommunications Talal Hawat.

This will allow the country to move ahead towards digital transformation and the triple-play network technology (voice, video and data) in all regions especially where the copper grid is not available, he said.

Citizens who are not connected to the copper grid will be linked to the fiber optic network and will benefit from the new services without having to connect to the old PSTN telephone exchanges, Hawat said.
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Date Posted: Dec 18, 2020