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Local industry is now online
Industrialists’ Association launches website for ‘Directory of Exports & Industrial Firms’
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The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) announced that it has released the 7th edition of the Directory of Exports & Industrial Firms in Lebanon.

The new directory is accessible online through the following address: www.lebanon-industry.com
The president of the ALI, Neemat Frem, said that the directory was prepared through a field study of factories (comprising more than eight workers) across all regions. The directory has taken up the Harmonized System Code (H.S. code) for sorting out industrial products across the country. It has also adopted a GPS navigation system so that users could locate the factories.

Frem also announced that the ALI has launched an online (virtual) exhibition for displaying Lebanese products: www.industriallebaneseexhebition.com

Frem said that the online exhibition “gives industrialists the opportunity to promote their products, locally and abroad, at a reduced cost, compared to the actual exhibitions.”

According to the Directory of Exports & Industrial Firms, the number of industries in the country, till June 2011, was 3125 distributed over sectors as follows:

•Food & Beverage industries: 556
•Metal Products industries: 411
•Non mineral mining products: 386
•Furniture industries: 351
•Paper & paper products industries: 345
•Textile including garments: 299
•Chemical industries, including plastics: 259
•Machinery and electrical appliances industries: 202
•Wood products industries: 178
•Jewelry and Precious stones industries: 94
•Leather, leather products & footwear industries: 82
•Transport machinery & equipment: 25
•Miscellaneous industries: 29
Date Posted: Sep 20, 2011
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