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Measuring internet tariffs
3G prices 25 percent higher than Arab average, could drop further: Telecoms watchdog says
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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) released the results of a study evaluating the prices of internet services in the country. The TRA expected the prices to further drop with the offers differentiation and customization.

The study measures the prices of three services: 3G technology (mobile broadband), prices of ADSL services (as amended in Decree 6297), and the prices of international capacity (as amended in Decree 6297).

It showed that Lebanon’s mobile broadband basket price is 25 percent above the average of prices in Arab countries. “This leaves a comfortable margin to lower prices with the increased network maturity and a steady subscriber intake,” it said.

The study showed the price of each extra MB - as indicated in the packages offered by mobile operators MTC and Alfa for 3G users - is 56 percent below the Arab average.

According to the TRA, the recent reduction in the ADSL prices placed Lebanon among the Medium Speed Retail DSL Providers.

The Cabinet issued, in September, a new price list for internet connections.

The country’s Medium Speed Services (for residents and corporates) now ranks among the least expensive in the Arab region, according to the TRA.

The study showed that Lebanon’s International bandwidth prices are lower than the average international benchmarks and similar to prices in Morocco and Jordan.

The TRA is an independent governmental institution established in 2007, as entailed in the 2002 Telecom Law 431.

Date Posted: Nov 04, 2011
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