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New Industrial Zones
Ministry of Industry plans to establish new industrial zones, says Minister
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Ibrahim Dadayan, Minister of Industry, said that the decision came after he received requests from several industrialists demanding “ expansion and establishment of industrial cities.”

Dadayan said that the Ministry considers this project as a “top priority.” Starting from next month, the Minister said he will initiate field trips to look up for areas for this purpose.

2010 budget
Dadayan said that he has submitted the budget of the Ministry of Industry for 2010 to the Finance Ministry. He said that the plan lists “the need of creating incentives to support national industries.” “It also includes demands for rehabilitation of the ministerial building,” he said.

Dadayan said that national industries are facing huge obstacles, mainly high oil prices, the lack of governmental incentives, and the absence of proper infrastructure. 
Declining exports
The minister said that the decline in exports is due to the global financial crisis which adversely affected the purchasing power of Europeans and US citizens. He said he” expects exports to increase in 2010 with the expected recovery in world markets.”

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Date Posted: Dec 29, 2009