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VIP cinema soon at City Mall
Cinemacity to open a new multiplex in Riad El Solh
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Cinemacity will be expanding its movie theater complex at City Mall, Dora, by late June. “There will be an additional large theater upgraded to VIP with hospitality service,” according to Jean Helo, operations’ manager and regional system administrator at Cinemacity. 

Helo said that the theater’s new VIP section will feature 60 luxurious chairs, with a table for every two seats, and extra space for more privacy. VIP tickets will typically be more expensive than regular tickets, but the rates haven’t been decided on yet.

Helo said that the new theater will introduce advanced technologies such as 4-Ds, 5-Ds, and IMAX.

Cinemacity will also open a second branch this year at the upcoming multi-use complex ‘The Landmark’ on Riad el Solh square. 

Cinemacity Beirut opened in 2006. The group operates four cinema complexes in the Middle East.

Reported by Rana Freifer

Date Posted: Apr 30, 2012
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