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Motorized paragliding soon in Jounieh
Phellipolis prepares for Jounieh Festival, other projects planned in Kesrouan
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Motorized paragliding will soon be one more activity for tourists to do in Jounieh. ‘Phellipolis’, the Lebanese NGO organizing the Jounieh International Festival 2012, said it will launch additional projects in Kesrouan, including motorized paragliding by mid-August. 

The director of Phellipolis, Fady Fayad, said the association will also launch the ‘best village' photo contest. Participants' pictures will be published in a book with the support of the Ministry of Tourism. 

Phellipolis was founded by Neemat Frem, the president of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists. It is a non-profit association whose main mission is the development and modernization of municipal work. 

The Jounieh International Festival 2012 is the NGO’s primary project. The festival, which will run from June 29 to July 8, will cost nearly $1.5 million. Funds will be sought through sponsorships, donations, and a small part from ticket sales, in addition to support from the Ministry of Tourism. 

Phellipolis will use the profits generated from the festival to fund development activities in the city.

Reported by Rana Freifer
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Date Posted: May 07, 2012