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Printworks to expand into Saudi Arabia
Company to start $3.5 million-partnership for Riyadh branch
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Digital printing firm Printworks is working on expanding its regional presence further by opening a new branch in Saudi Arabia.
“Printworks will team up with a local partner for its operations in Riyadh,” said Nabil Chaia, Printworks communications manager.

The firm plans to invest around $3.5 million in the project, which is set to be fully operational by end 2012.The KSA branch will employ up to 150 employees, both Lebanese and Saudi.

Printworks is also planning to enhance its operations in the UAE by expanding its existing facility in Dubai.
“Our expanded 3,000m2 facility in Dubai with its new services will be operational before the end of the year,” said Chaia. Investment in the expansion has reached around $2 million.

Founded in 2000 by entrepreneurs Jad Khoury and Nagy Rizk, Printworks opened in Dubai in 2007 through Printworks-Mediatech LLC.

Printworks-Mediatech is a joint venture between Printworks and Dubai-based Mediatech. Printworks also caters to clients in Jordan, Syria, and Iraq.

Reported by Abeer Darwiche
Date Posted: Jun 08, 2012
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