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Beirut, A Top Tourism Destination
The Guardian names Beirut as one of the world's top tourism hubs in 2010
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The publication interviewed top tourism experts in the United Kingdom , asking them to guide tourists to the world’s top touristic sites in 2010, giving those tips and plans.

Tom Barber - co-founding director of Original Travel Agency chose “Beirut”.

“Beirut is one of the most vibrant places on earth,” he said.

Jean Abboud, President of the Association of Travel and Tourist Agents in Lebanon (ATTAL), said that the selection of Beirut as a top tourist hub is a driving engine that will increase trust in the economy, and attract more tourists to the country.”

In his highlights on tourism aspects in Beirut, Barber said that “April is a perfect month to visit the city, as there will still be snow in the swanky ski resorts, such as Mzaar.”

To attract more European tourists, the private sector, in collaboration with the ministry of Tourism has special plans in mind. “We will work on developing Ecotourism (tourism in Mountain areas) which is preferred by Europeans,” said Abboud.

An attracting feature about Beirut this year, according to Barber, is the “Beirut 39 festival” which will be hosted in the city from 15 to April 18. The festival will bring together 39 writers from across the Arab world, all under the age of 39.

The newspaper also provides tourists with links to the top hotels in Beirut and guides them on how to book tickets, and get their Visas.

Abboud said that “Europeans will not face any Visa issues, as they are easily provided with Visas to Beirut.”

Other tourism destinations chosen by the experts consulted were Ecuador,  Shanghai City, China, Slovenia, Nigeria, Kashmir, Rwanda, Argentina, and Southern France.

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Date Posted: Jan 07, 2010