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EDL's Hayek: 21 customers are using net-metering
Subscribers can export excess power using bi-directional electricty meters
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Net-metering, which allows private renewable energy producers to plug into the power grid and share their excess power , is now available in Lebanon, according to Kamal Hayek, director general of the state-run power utility Electricité du Liban (EDL).

"Twenty-one consumers signed the net-metering contract so far,” said Hayek. Out of those are six municipalities. More contracts are underway.

The net-metering process allows residential, commercial, or industrial EDL subscribers, who also produce and use renewable energy, to export excess power to the grid, the value of which is discounted from their EDL energy bills.

“Net-metering allows a bi-directional flow of electricity from the grid to the consumer and from the consumer to the grid. The net result is the difference between the energy consumed and the energy produced," said Hayek

A digital reader would be installed at sites that use renewable energy. The device measures the energy exported to the grid, and the amount imported from it by kilowatt hour.

Reported by Hanadi Chami
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Date Posted: Jun 13, 2012