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A recent survey says 40 percent of internet users in Lebanon are experts
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The “Internet Usage in the Middle East” survey published by job site Bayt.com, and research firm YouGovSiraj.com, classifies 40 percent of total Lebanese internet users as experts.

The “Bayt survey” categorizes 43 percent of users as knowledgeable but require help sometimes, 16 percent as intermediate users, and only one percent of users as beginners.

Bahraini users follow with 36 percent of the total considered as internet experts. Users in the United Arab Emirates come third in terms of internet capabilities with 31 percent out of the total categorized as internet experts.

In terms of computer ownership, 25 percent of Lebanese respondents said they have two computers at home, one which they solely use and another which is shared with family members.

The survey also cites a lack of trust by the majority of Lebanese in performing online payments.

It says that 36 percent out of all Lebanese surveyed said they do not feel comfortable with making online payments for personal matters; 31 percent said they are not comfortable with making online payments for business matters.

In terms of online Education, Lebanon came in 13th place among 14 countries from the MENA region with 59 percent of surveyed Lebanese willing to consider completing an online degree in the future.

The survey aims to gauge internet usage habits and attitudes in the Middle East region.

It collected online data from a total of 13,847 respondents aged 16 and plus from the GCC region (UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain), Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan), North Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), and Pakistan.

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Date Posted: Jan 07, 2010