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Illegal Broadcasting Stopped
Authorities close six illegal FM Radio Stations in Tripoli and more to come
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Three of the stations operate under the name Mazzika, two under the name of Sawt el Fan, and one station was named Sawt -El Shammal.

The operation was carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Telecommunications, and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

The Authorities permanently shut down the offices of the stations sealing them with red wax, and confiscated all their equipment.

Judicial sources said that any attempt by the stations to reopen their offices will entitle them to legal prosecution. 

Kamal S. Shehadi, Chairman of TRA, said that the “Authority will keep on monitoring the stations to make sure that they are not broadcasting using other waves.”

Shahede said that the Authorities will continue to halt broadcasting of all illegal radios.

The operation “started from the North and will not stop," he said. 

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Date Posted: Jan 11, 2010