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Wooden Bakery goes to Chiyah
Four more outlets in the pipeline
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Beirut-based catering company, Delice and Delight, has bought franchise rights from Wooden Bakery. The company will open a Wooden Bakery outlet in Chiyah this December.

The investment cost is around $3.8 million, including land procurement, construction, and equipment. The store will have an area of 550 square meters, with some 25 employees.

This is Delice and Delight’s first project. Marwan Khater, chairman at Delice and Delight said: “We are expecting a positive business outlook for the outlet since this area lacks such projects”. Khater said, however, that the store could face some competition as many bakeries are expected to open soon in the area.

Wooden Bakery has 20 local stores and a branch in Saudi Arabia. Three more Wooden Bakery branches are expected to open soon in Tyr, Zghorta, and Al Bayada.
Delice and Delight is owned by Marwan Khater, Ghassan Khater, Aline Khater, and Nabil Chammas.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 04, 2012
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