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Industrialists launch ‘Ishtari Loubnani’
Business and spiritual leaders to hold
summit to discuss socio-economic issues
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The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) launched its new advertising campaign today (Monday) dubbed ‘Ishtari Loubnani’, Arabic for ‘buy Lebanese (goods)’. The media campaign was announced by the Minister of Industry Vrej Sabounjian during a seminar.

Omar Hallab, member at the ALI’s board of directors said: “The purpose of the campaign is to encourage the Lebanese (consumers) to buy locally-made products.” The televised media campaign will start next week.

Industrialists from all over the country gathered to discuss a number of measures to address the slowdown plaguing the local economy.

The ALI called for separating economic matters from politics. “Separating the economy from all other matters is the only way to achieve growth,” said Nemaat Frem, ALI president. Frem said the ALI, as well as other economic bodies, have planned a set of measures to tackle persistent hardships. He said business leaders will engage in talks with spiritual leaders to discuss the current socio-economic situation.

Frem urged local counterparts to hold a nationwide socio-economic dialogue.
Industrialists reiterated a number of demands, including being allowed to produce electricity, establishing industrial cities, subsidizing the price of fuel, and resolving problems plaguing the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). “The conference also called for implementing issued decrees, such as lowering the tax on income generated from industrial exports by 50 percent,” said Hallab.

The ALI is scheduled to hold another meeting with Sabounjian in order to further discuss these demands.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 17, 2012
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