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Banana exports eye Turkish market
Effort to offset losses caused by Syrian crisis
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The Ministry of Agriculture is seeking to find an alternative market for locally-grown bananas.

The Minister of Agriculture, Hussein Hajj Hassa, said that exports of bananas were hit hard by events in Syria, the primary market for the fruit. Efforts are now focused on tapping new markets for banana exports, namely Turkey, Hajj Hassan said: “We are discussing with Turkish authorities the possibility of slashing customs fees for bananas.”

Lebanon produces around 100,000 tons of bananas each year.

In 2011, banana exports to Syria reached 35,000 tons, down from 90,000 tons in 2010.

According to Hajj Hassan, there were no problems in exporting citrus fruits this season. However, he said, exporters have no other alternative but to seek markets in the Gulf and Iraq to make up for lost exports to Syria.
Reported by Hanadi Chami
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Date Posted: Sep 17, 2012