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Batroun to host special economic district
Project expected to generate 3,000 jobs
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The Maronite League will announce next week a plan to establish a new special economic district in Batroun. A primary feasibility study has been performed for the project.

The location of the new district will be defined through a draft law already sent to Parliament, said a senior member of the Maronite League. The project will target businesses specialized in soft industries, including ICT firms.

Businesses within the zone will benefit from special services, facilities, and incentives, such as tax exemptions and discounts on NSSF subscriptions for employees.

“We aim at creating incentives for local and foreign companies to come and invest here, instead of taking their investments to other countries, such as Dubai or Qatar,” said the member of the Maronite League.

The district is expected to generate some 3,000 job opportunities. According to the same source, businessmen involved in the Maronite League have expressed their willingness to move their offices into Batroun. “Over 100 companies are expected to have offices in the Batroun special economic district.”

A similar special economic zone had been announced earlier this year for Tripoli.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Nov 15, 2012
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