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Iklim Mall coming soon
Brings shops and diners to underserved region
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Construction of a new mall in the Iklim el Kharroub village of Mazboud will start in May. The ‘Iklim Mall’ is owned by Province Company, a development firm owned and chaired by Ahmed Al Khatib. Total investment in the project amounted to $3 million. Local firm Nvision will undertake the development’s construction.

The area of the development totals 9,000 square meters parted across six floors, including a parking space with a capacity for 75 cars.

The mall will host around 80 retail shops and will include coffee shops as well as American and Italian restaurants. It will host a spa and an amusement center. Hassan Al Khatib, General Manager at Province said: “We will hold negotiations with companies such as Azadea, Dareen International, Retail Group, and Best Seller, in order to rent them spaces in the mall.” Negotiations are also underway with Abdel Rahman Al-Hallab, Domino’s Pizza, and other leading names.

The leasing prices range between $250 and $300 per square meter per year. Rental fees vary according to the location of the space within the mall.

Villages of Iklim el Kharroub, such as Mazboud and Barja, have a shortage in shopping and leisure destinations. Al Khatib said: “Residents have to go all the way to Saida for a lot of their needs, so the mall will offer them a convenient alternative.”
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: 4/2/2013
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