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Lebanese University plans Jbeil campus
Faculties will complement those in Fanar
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A new Lebanese University (LU) campus will be built in Edde, Jbeil. The Cabinet has already agreed to allocate a plot of land owned by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) for the project.

The plot, which stretches over 50,000 square meters, will host the LU campus as well as a new Public Vocational Institute. Mohamad El Baba, Advisor to the President of the LU, said: “The campus will be constructed over a land area of around 17,000 square meters.”

The Edde campus is located in the Mount Lebanon governorate (Mohafazat), where a LU university already exists in Fanar. “Faculties that will be included in the Edde campus will be complementary to the faculties in Fanar,” El Baba said. Usually, the same Mohafazat should not include more than one faculty for each major. “Faculties that could not be hosted within the Fanar campus will be relocated to the new campus in Edde,” he said.

The faculties of Health and Sciences are the only two faculties present in the LU-owned buildings in Fanar. Other faculties such as the Faculty of Information and Documentation and the Faculty of Literature are currently hosted inside rented buildings in different suburbs or areas.

“Th LU administration had proposed hosting Faculties of law and Political Sciences, Social Sciences, and Literature at the Edde premises,” said El Baba. The project will be submitted to the Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR), for more elaborate studies and to determine the funds needed and the sources of financing.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: May 10, 2013
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