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Bachir Ice Cream expands
40 local branches including franchises
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Local ice cream chain, Bachir Ice Cream has recently opened five new branches in Jdeideh, Chiyah, Tareek El Jdideh, Spears, and Fanar.

Maurice Bachir, co-owner and Operations Manager of Bachir Ice Cream, said: “Our purpose is to make our brand available in most regions in the local market, so that we would be able to offer our products to a wider category of customers.”

With the new branches, Bachir Ice Cream now owns 22 shops and has sold 18 franchises for shops in different regions, such as the shops in Dekweneh, Hammana, Broummana, and Deir El Qamar. “Our new policy is to stop granting franchise rights, and open our owns shops instead.”
The company created about 40 jobs with its recent expansion, including employees, distributors, and maintenance staff.

“We view the economic slowdown as an excellent business opportunity,” said Bachir. “We cater inexpensive goods affordable for the middle- and lower-classes. The price ceiling of our products is $4.”

Bachir said the insecurity and political situation did not influence Bachir Ice Cream's sales. The company is owned by Maurice Bachir and his three brothers.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
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Date Posted: May 28, 2013