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UN-EU extend energy efficiency program
$4 million for companies, rural communities
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The European Union delegation announced a €3 million (about $4 million) extension for the Country Energy efficiency and Renewable Energy program (CEDRO) to support and implement renewable energy solutions in the private sector.

The project will work on four main phases. The first phases, which will begin early next year, will provide large scale renewable energy systems for up to eight industrial and commercial establishments. Each company will have to finance 50 percent of its project and CEDRO will provide the remaining funds. “The chosen beneficiaries will also have to implement an energy audit and then apply the recommended energy efficiency measures” said Hassan Harajli, CEDRO Project Manager at the UNDP.

In the second phase, a village will be refurbished to become fully environment-friendly. “We will be doing a model village that will be completely green-energy wise, including in its use of water and heating efficiency of current houses” said Harajli.

The third phase will aim to create a bio-energy source by gathering residues from different forests, processing them, and compressing them into logs for heating. “The process allows these residues to be used in a sustainable manner, instead of being wasted or burned,” said Harajli. The project will also work to create a market for this product: “Ultimately our goal is to have the project replicated.” CEDRO will collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Association for Forests, Development and Conservation (AFDC) and universities.

The fourth stream includes a continuation of research efforts on renewable energy with an added focus on the upgrading, controlling and monitoring of the grid. The forth stream will feature a collaboration with EDL.
Reported by Nader Houella
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Date Posted: Oct 02, 2013