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EU grant for public education
British Council will improve students’ integration
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The European Union (EU) and the British Council will carry out a $1.7 million project aiming to facilitate the integration of students into the Lebanese public school system.

The project will support the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) in the development of language teaching methodologies and cultural awareness trainings to benefit both Syrian and Lebanese students.

This project will be implemented by the British Council over 28 months, in association with the Institut Français (IF) du Liban. It will be 80 percent funded by the EU and 20 percent funded by the British Council.

“This project will leave a lasting legacy of teacher development,” said Eunice Crook, Director of the British Council Lebanon.

The project will equip 25 trainers and 1,500 teachers with the necessary language-teaching skills. It will have an impact on some 90,000 Syrian refugee children participating in Accelerated Learning Programs and their Lebanese peers within the public school system, as well as NGOs.

The contract was awarded to the British Council following a call for proposals by the EU in December 2012.
Reported by Joelle Nassar
Date Posted: Oct 03, 2013
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