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Wooden Bakery expands Antelias factory
Capacity will reach
130,000 bread packs per day
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Wooden Bakery is developing a new plant near its main factory in Antelias. Gilbert Hobeika, Director of Franchises and Operations at Wooden Bakery, said: “The goal of this expansion is to rapidly meet the increasing demand on our products from locals and Syrian refugees.”

Wooden Bakery’s main factory in Antelias totals 10,000 square meters. It uses around 70 tons of flour per day to produce 100,000 packs of Arabic bread. It currently employs 600 workers. The new facility will measure 3,000 square meters and increase production capacity by about 30 percent.

The company is also working on improving the efficiency of its automated production lines, and increasing the number of working hours in its current Antelias facility to meet growing demand.

Plans for a new factory in Chekka were postponed for the time being, according to Gilbert.

Wooden Bakery has 24 local branches so far. This number will increase to 35 by mid 2014. Four of these branches are owned and the others are franchises.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Oct 17, 2013
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