Frank Würst franchise in Africa. More local hot dog kiosks underway - Lebanon

Frank Würst franchise in Africa
More local hot dog kiosks underway
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The local hot dog kiosk business Frank Würst will be franchising to Africa in 2014.

Jad Semaan, founder of the concept, said that their contracts with franchisees in Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria are in their final phases. The eatery will have kiosks and, probably, fixed stores. He said that Africa presents great opportunities, and demand for this food style is high.

The eatery is also planning to open outlets in the GCC and the Arab World, tapping Qatar, Dubai, and Egypt first. “We are studying good opportunities anywhere, in any place,” said Semaan.

The Frank Würst concept began in 2009, with its first caravan installed in Byblos. The eatery now owns three stores, located in Gemmayzeh, Furn El Chebbak, and Jounieh. It also operates six kiosks in Jeita, Kaslik, Sehayli, Dbayeh Highway, Saloumi Roundabout, and Hamra, as well as two kiosks in Byblos.

Frank Würst mobile kiosks are also found seasonally in Safra, The Cedars, Faraya, Sodeco, and Batroun.

“We are studying opportunities to open more outlets in the local market, and we will be trying to expand beyond our Beirut-Byblos area of operation,” he said.
Reported by Rana Freifer
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Date Posted: Nov 14, 2013