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New concept in food caters
Kitchen Central supplies semi-cooked products
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A new type of food supplier, ‘Kitchen Central’ has recently opened on Dora Highway.

It provides local restaurants, hotels, and catering houses with meats, juices, condiments, and other refined products. Executive Chef and Owner Farid Chehab said that “the local market lacks similar concepts, which are largely spread abroad, and are of great support for the local hospitality.”

Kitchen Central occupies a space of 125 square meters, and has benefited from a Kafalat loan, with an initial first investment of $200,000.

Chehab plans to enlarge his business and cater on a national level. “Our concept is worth investing in, especially that we are expecting to become profitable in 24-27 months.” He said that despite the gloomy economy, this concept can survive more easily because there is a high demand for semi-cooked ingredients.

Along with the catering services, Kitchen Central also offers cooking classes. “At a later stage, we are planning to offer training sessions for hospitality students to implement and develop their skills,” Chehab said.

Kitchen Central also acts as a gourmet caterer for private events.

Reported by Rana Freifer
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Date Posted: Dec 09, 2013