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New fast food concept by Wooden Bakery
A $2 million investment in
Wooden Bees
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The Bou Habib family, owner of Wooden Bakery, is planning to launch a new establishment, ‘Wooden Bees,” which provides an automated delivery of sandwiches and platters.

The first outlet will open on Zalka Highway, by April 2014.
The owner invented a machine that prepares a variety of foods including chicken and meat sandwiches, in front of the customers. A local manufactured the machine, whose patent has been registered in Lebanon and abroad.
Wooden Bees’ central kitchen, measuring 300 sq. m, will be located in Antelias and will comprise a dine-in area. The entire project is worth $2 million and is expected to create about 100 job opportunities.
“Our experience in Wooden Bakery drove us to create this new concept,” said Assaad Bou Habib, Partner and Production Manager at Wooden Bakery. He said that they will provide sandwiches with healthy bread, high proteins and low carbohydrates.
“The concept of Wooden Bees is easier to sell as franchise than Wooden Bakery,” said Abou Habib. Establishing a bakery requires a lot of investment in locations and equipment, but this concept is lighter.
Opening a Wooden Bakery requires a minimum space of 350 square meters, while Wooden Bees requires only 50 square meters and could be opened in Malls.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Dec 09, 2013
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