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Speeding The Net
Nahas unveils a $166 million plan to improve internet services
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He said that the plan is included in his ministry’s budget proposal which was recently approved by the Ministry of Finance.

Nahas said that the plan calls to speed the internet connection from 256 KB to 2 MB, and to increase Internet penetration rate to 93 percent from 86 percent.

He said that the study lists measures to improve Internet services which include the purchase of additional international gateways to boost capacity to 120 GB from 2 GB currently, and expand fiber optic networks between cities and villages.

The plan also vows for unifying call centers and improving their technological abilities and services.

Nahas unveiled that the Ministry will start benefiting from the India-Middle East-Europe, marine internet cable line which has high capacity starting in May 2010.

The minister was speaking at a panel on the “Future of broadband services in Lebanon.”


Date Posted: Jan 20, 2010
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