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Just Falafel expands into North America
160 branches to open in the
next five years
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Lebanese-owned and UAE-based Just Falafel is planning to introduce the brand to the United States and Canada.

The company has signed area franchise agreements with different partners in key locations including New York City, New Jersey, Kentucky and San Francisco in the US and the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. In total, the five new area franchise agreements will mean up to 160 new Just Falafel restaurants in North America, over the next five years.

Tapping the American market comes after the brand’s entry into the British market last year. Just Falafel’s management said that expanding into North America gives it the opportunity to capitalize on the growth of the world’s largest consumer market.

Just Falafel has been in the local market since 2012 and is still studying more possibilities. “We are still implementing the local development plan and in a process of identifying and securing additional locations,” said Maisa Mannila, Marketing Director. The brand has five outlets in: Bechara El Khoury, City Mall, Mazraa, Haret Hraik, and Tripoli. She said that the brand has been well accepted locally and that the results are very satisfactory, so far.

The first Just Falafel outlet opened in Abu Dhabi, in 2007, by the initiative of Lebanese entrepreneur, Fadi Malas. It was awarded the top rank in the ‘Dubai SME 100’ and ‘Business of the Year’, in 2013, by the Gulf Capital SME, Info Award.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Jan 09, 2014
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