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Tenders for waterworks
Irrigation networks to be
installed nationwide
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The Tenders Department is holding a number of tenders during the month of February for the installation of water and wastewater networks.

A tender was held on February 5 to construct irrigation networks in North Lebanon, but the results are yet to be announced. Another tender for irrigation networks is planned for Mount Lebanon. Irrigation networks are also scheduled for South Lebanon, Nabatieh, and the Bekaa. Class A public contractors are solely allowed to participate in these tenders. They should not handle more than four water projects at the same time.

A tender for potable water distribution networks in some Koura villages is also expected to be held as well as a tender for the construction and restoration of wastewater pipelines at the Saida pretreatment plant.

MM Trading and Contracting had recently won the tender to construct wastewater networks in Minyeh Donnieh.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Feb 10, 2014
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